Who We Are

We are volunteers, many of whom have served in the US military, who donate their time, talents and treasure to further the vision of Buck Bedard. Our volunteers have experience guiding others on hunting and fishing trips, boating, hiking, camping, cooking, outdoor survival, archery, and shooting sports and attending outdoor sporting events. The activities and adventures sponsored by The Buck Bedard Outdoor Foundation are supported by donations (either monetary or goods) from individuals, organizations and businesses in our local communities as well as fund raising events. There are minimal operating costs so over 90% of the monies received goes directly to fund activities and adventures for our recipients.

Board Members

President: Donna Richardson, Capt USN
Vice President: Chad Smith, USN
Secretary: Vikki Werner
Treasurer: Corey Coggins, USN

Board of Directors:

Austin Watts
James Werner, USMC
Ryan Werner, USMC
Kort Johnson, USMC
Shannon Coggins
Brian Soucy
Phil Eomurian
Ike Richardson, RDML, USN
Scott Mattox, USMC
Bob Olson

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Committee Volunteers:

Connor Nass
Mandy Monroe
Kelcie Watts
Montez Elash
Samantha Werner
Kristyn Lommason
Beth Bennett
Greg Veire
Jason Anichowski
Russ Raymond
Jake Raymond
Iley Kickhofel
Robert Werner
Tom McGrath
Joe Norman
Scott Armstrong
John Armstrong

Emil “Buck” Bedard, a native of Argyle, Minnesota, is a retired lieutenant general in the United States Marine Corps. Upon retirement he and his family relocated for the last time and became permanent residents of Las Vegas Nevada. After arrival he became involved in a number of community initiatives such as helping bring the USO to our Las Vegas airport. As a veteran and an avid outdoorsman he has been a key supporter of a number of veteran and wildlife organizations. With the establishment of the Buck Bedard Outdoor Foundation and the help of a dedicated executive board he is changing the lives of veterans, first responders, young adults and children by giving them a lifetime of opportunities to learn about the outdoors and experience it as never before.